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Perform in the Recital Finale Dance!


Join our 7th annual finale dance entitled "TUNE IN!"

We invite all ages and levels to come together to learn a closing routine and perform in all 3 shows!

Rehearsal Dates* May 31 @ 6pm-8pm June 7 @ 6pm-8pm June 14 @ 6pm-8pm June 21 @ 6pm-8pm

Cost: $80

Inquire at the Office

Note: If you wish to participate, then it is understood that students will perform in EVERY Finale Dance.  You need not particularly have to purchase tickets if you are NOT watching each show and can drop of and pick up after the performance ends. 

For instance if your child is only in one dance and that happens to be on Sat Matinee, but you want to participate in the Finale, you will sign up and pay the $80 to be included in that performance, but if you only want to purchase tickets for Saturday Matinee that is where you will purchase the amount of tickets you require.  Then you will drop off and pick up ONLY on the Friday and Saturday evening performance and will not be in the auditorium watching.

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